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About Brooke

Brooke is a warm, energetic and intuitive Practitioner. With a hands on approach to teaching and treatment, Brooke tailors her appointments according to the needs of each and every client. Whether your goal is to move for better general health, rehab an injury and be pain-free, build strength, or improve your balance and posture, Brooke will go above and beyond to get you there!

Brooke has over 15years experience working with the human body. In 2008 she completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage. In 2014, she began a comprehensive Diploma of Pilates Teacher Training with a Nationally Recognised Body, the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) at IMTC under the guidance of mentor, Donna Oliver. 


Brooke now teaches Pilates Mat, Reformer and injury specific Pilates on all studio equipment on the South Coast NSW. In 2022-2023 she joined the APMA Board as a Council Member and holds a Level 4 Membership of the Pilates Alliance Australasia. 


To dive deeper into understanding the traditional Pilates system, Brooke has returned to study the Classical method of work and history of Pilates under the guidance of Olga Tamara at APEI in Sydney. This in depth, hands on Diploma qualification will see Brooke complete 300 prac hours of Classical Teaching on top of regular workshops and personal practice hours. 


Ongoing training and development in human anatomy, biomechanics and strength progression is important to Brooke, it is high priority to place value on continued learning in this industry where students place their trust and movement goals in their practitioner. 

Expectations of students

Be honest about how your body feels before, during and after class. This helps to develop a program that suits you.


Discussions about progress and achievements are based on realistic expectations. Results are also based on what you are doing outside of the studio.


Pilates is for everyone and every body. Bullying will not be tolerated. Value or worth has nothing to do with body type. 


Classes are designed to be fun. Banter and encouragement between students during class is welcomed. Respect always.

Class description & Cash commitment

Please read each description carefully. 

Expiry terms apply to all packs. Ask questions, if you have any, prior to purchasing a pack. Refunds will not be issued for poor understanding of class terms. 

Provide 12 hours notice for any cancellations for a class credit to be used within the term expiry. 

Be respectful to the other students around you. Bullying and body type comments are not acceptable in the studio. Kindness always. 

Mat Class is held in Milton at Wyld Spaces

Tuesday and Thursday Classes are held in Milton at The Pilates Hundred 

Private, Massage and ALL Monday Classes are held at my home. Please contact me for the address should you be new to my student list. 

Please ensure the waiver is filled out prior to your first class. 



Class Bookings

Student testimonials

  • "I first started seeing Brooke for her Pilates classes. This came after my Rhabdomyolisis incident in my legs. My legs were so weak I had lost all the muscles, I found walking a challenge especially up stairs and my energy levels were very low which lead me to sleeping a lot in the day. Brooke really helped get me back on my feet by working with me to gain my strength and stamina back. I can now walk without any troubles and we are working towards getting me back running. I’ve found working with Brooke absolutely amazing, she is really passionate about what she does, her knowledge is second to none, always researching to find new ways to help you! She’s very attentive and in tune to your needs and is always making sure you’re OK. Love every part of work with her. Thank you Brooke I’m forever grateful x"

    – B,M Milton

  • "I first attended a Pilates class with Brooke a few years ago after being treated by a physio for a back problem.  I don't know how I ever survived without her classes. I am 73 years of age and through her thoroughness and extensive knowledge of the body she has helped me to continue to be active by dealing with all my many problems that have arisen. I have a condition that causes me to suffer from nerve pain and through her understanding and help it no longer bothers me as much as in the past.  I also have had trouble sleeping for some time and felt constantly tired which was affecting my day to day activities.  Thanks to regular massages I can now say that my sleep has improved so much that I am now enjoying life much more.  Whenever I have had an injury be it major or minor, Brooke has always been there to encourage and support me through it and I feel I have come out the other side as a stronger person in many ways.  I am extremely thankful for the individual attention and encouragement she gives and the time spent in researching ways to keep me moving. "

    J,D Ulladulla

  • "Brooke’s extensive Pilates knowledge, massage skill and wonderful demeanor has helped me reduce persistent back pain and manage it. She has provided me with a body awareness that helps me in my everyday activities, and for any surfers out there Brooke’s tailored sessions have significantly improved my paddling, balance and the speed I can get to my feet."

    – N,J Milton

  • "During my extensive rehabilitation with my injury, with all of Brooke's help I recovered stronger and fitter than before. She was so kind, understanding and her knowledge of the body and muscles, as well as the Pilates foundation was incredible. After recovering, I have continued on with Brooke and thoroughly enjoy all forms of classes; online and in studio. She is so informative and such a genuine person looking for the best out of each of her clients."

    K,L Narrawallee












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